Proven Expertise In Partnerships, Buy-ins And Mergers

If there's one area that distinguishes The Almonte Fallago Group, its handling partnership arrangements (entering partnerships and withdrawing from them), partial buy-ins, and practice mergers.

We offer guidance on:

  • valuation of the practice and valuation of each partner's share
  • structuring the transaction
  • making an associate a partner
  • minimizing tax consequences to withdrawing partner and maximizing tax benefits to the buying partner
  • negotiating contract terms
  • drafting legal documents
  • compensation and profit split formulas for remaining partners
  • safeguarding income of remaining partners when one or more partners withdraw deferring money into retirement account
  • facilitation of financing for the partnership acquisition

The Almonte Fallago Group has helped early-career dentists with buy-in and purchase opportunities within the practices where they are working. We have also helped scores of senior dentists withdraw from partnerships.

The Almonte Fallago Group has experience facilitating the merger of two or more practices.



Looking to buy, sell, or partner in a dental practice?
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